The Friday Focus: Life is Short, Why Web3 Matters, and More...

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Today at a Glance:

  • Quote: Life and its shortness.

  • Tweet: Chris Dixon on why web3 is bigger than crypto or the internet.

  • Book: The Kybalion, an ancient book of secret wisdom.

  • Podcast: Tim Ferriss on podcasting, public speaking and asking questions.

  • Bonus: Learn permaculture, save the world.

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Quote I’m meditating on -

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” - Spanish proverb

Time management is probably the most important soft-skill you can master, next to public speaking. Procrastination, distraction, and even high ambition, can all delay our progress towards a given effort. So knowing what we know about time and human beings, we ought to know how much we can accomplish in day.

There is a near infinite amount information about productivity, which can be helpful like Tiago Forte’s Guide to Performing a Weekly Review, and I believe knowing you will die at some point is probably the biggest motivation in prioritizing and making difficult decisions about how to spend your time. Time doesn’t care about your emotions, but with enough effort, you can make your imprint on it and do something great. So do what you can do today, and don’t leave it until tomorrow.

See, life is short, but don’t fret, that’s what makes it beautiful. See Tim Urban’s Your Life in Weeks (image below).

Tweet I’m sharing -

Click on this twitter thread for a brief overview of Web 3 (web3) and its impact on every sector of the world. Without getting too into the weeds, Web 1 was email, Web 2 was social media, Web 3 is secure digital property (verifiable ownership).

Here I’ll define property as “assets connected to your identity” - cryptocurrency holdings, digital collectibles like NFTs, physical land titles, and even your identifying information itself (government ID, internet activity, medical data).

Web 3 is built on blockchain technology, a series of digital ledgers that are (almost) impossible to hack, at least much harder than bank fraud. Bitcoin (programmable, digital cash) despite its folly or speculative nature, is just the tip of the iceberg. Rich nerds are already buying virtual Lamborghinis in the Web 3 virtual reality metaverse.

Web 3 means 2+ billion people in developing nations will use crypto instead of banks (when you have a mobile phone but no banks within 100 miles this makes sense). Digital governance (“new countries”) with transparent, locked allocation of resources (taxation with representation) between millions of people with a common goal is now possible.

What I’m (re)reading - The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy, originally published anonymously over 100 years ago, dives into the universal principles of Hermeticism, a philosophy based on the teachings of Hermes, the ancient Greek deity of travelers, merchants and orators who could travel between the divine realm and the realm of man on his winged sandals. In ancient Egypt, Hermes was also known as Thoth (they’re thought to be the same) and represented wisdom, science, magic, art and judgement (i.e. higher thinking).

In an approachable manner that makes for a quick, though-provoking read, The Kybalion produces a methodical approach to applying the Seven Hermetic Principles (mentalism, vibration, polarity, etc.) in daily life. Whether you believe in it and want to use it, or just have a look at how the ancients shaped the world around them through myth and metaphysics, this is for you.

What I’m listening to - If you have ever thought, “I should start a podcast” you’ll enjoy a thorough breakdown of the craft in How I Built the Tim Ferriss Show to 700+ Million Downloads by Tim Ferriss. If it was just about bragging rights I wouldn’t share it, but this single episode is better than any course I have taken on the subject.

It covers… good and bad reasons to start a podcast, using it as an excuse to have a public conversation with your interesting friends, why podcasting is such a popular form of media, how to stay motivated, how to choose and prioritize questions, how to record quality audio (and opting to add video or not), ask good questions and be a good listener, build your audience, find compelling guests (who don’t have to be famous) and research them beforehand, but also how to contact famous people in a way that gets a response, bring your A-game, warm up your guests, do editing and show notes, and monetize your show hassle-free.

I also appreciated the fact that the episode was a training session for Chris Hutchins who runs his own podcast All The Hacks about optimizing life, finance and travel.

If you would enjoy a podcast from me, let me know in the comments!

Bonus - Reconnect to nature by learning permaculture. Watch Permaculture Principles (10 min), read Bill Mollison’s Intro to Permaculture, or just google it. Permaculture is the practice of creating sustainable and regenerative homes, food systems, and civilizations, drawing from millennia of global subsistence cultures and modern science.

It’s a revival of lost wisdom that was essential for all of our ancestors to live daily, and is just as important for us to remember today. You don’t have to live off-grid, you can live in a city, and not know how or where to garden, and it will be great for you.

Completing a PDC is the gold standard for anyone looking to start a career in biodynamic organic agriculture, or for hobbyists who want to grow their own food and use their (or their neighbor’s) backyard natural resources efficiently. We all love the magic of modern technology, and getting your hands dirty in the garden is therapy. And while money is wonderful, you can’t eat it. There is no greater wealth than Mother Nature’s bounty.

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